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Coating Extras

Essential modelling and woodworking coatings for priming, protecting, treating, and finishing wood and coverings. Includes dopes, thinners, banana oil, sanding sealers, and more.

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  1. Sanding Sealer (60ml Jar)
  2. Banana Oil (60ml Jar)
  3. Clear Shrinking Dope (60ml Jar)
  4. Clear Non-Shrinking Dope (60ml Jar)
  5. Sanding Sealer (125ml Tin)
  6. Banana Oil (125ml Tin)
  7. Clear Shrinking Dope (125ml Tin)
  8. Clear Non-Shrinking Dope (125ml Tin)
  9. Gloss Fuelproofer (125ml Tin)
  10. Satin Fuelproofer (125ml Tin)
  11. Cellulose Thinners (125ml Tin)
  12. Enamel Thinners (125ml Tin)
  13. Gloss Fuelproofer (250ml Tin)
  14. Satin Fuelproofer (250ml Tin)
  15. Enamel Thinners (250ml Tin)
  16. Cellulose Thinners (250ml Tin)
  17. Sanding Sealer (250ml Tin)
  18. Banana Oil (250ml Tin)
  19. Clear Shrinking Dope (250ml Tin)
  20. Clear Non-Shrinking Dope (250ml Tin)
  21. Sanding Sealer (500ml Tin)
  22. Clear Shrinking Dope (500ml Tin)
  23. Clear Non-Shrinking Dope (500ml Tin)
  24. Sanding Sealer (400ml Aerosol)
  25. Banana Oil (400ml Aerosol)
  26. Clear Shrinking Dope (400ml Aerosol)
  27. Clear Non-Shrinking Dope (400ml Aerosol)
  28. Satin Fuelproofer (400ml Aerosol)
  29. Gloss Fuelproofer (400ml Aerosol)
  30. High Build Primer (400ml Aerosol)
  31. High Build Primer


  • "I’d definitely recommend it as it gives the most beautiful finish!"


  • "This gold has to be the best gold I’ve ever tried in paint form...OMG better than gilding”