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About Us

Our Story

Who are Guild Lane?

About the Founder

Jenifer Dapper is the creative force behind Guild Lane. Jenifer brings a wealth of expertise to Guild Lane, drawing on her educational background in the fine applied arts, architectural and art history from the University of Illinois, the Courtauld Institute, and the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture. She recognises the transformative power of premium materials in elevating both the creative process and the end result.

The Beginning

The Coating Extras and Chroma ranges have been available in the model and hobby market since the 1980s. In 2018 when Jenifer joined J Perkins, the distributor of these products, they were rebranded as 'Guild Materials'. With the launch of GILD we rebranded to 'Guild Lane' and the company was born.


The idea for GILD stemmed from trying to source a bright gold paint for Jenifer's artistic commissions. Unable to find a suitable paint, she used her decades of experience working with paints to develop a new formula that produced an incredible finish, matching that achieved through traditional gilding. The paints receive wide acclaim for their lustrous finish.



Building on the success of GILD, Jenifer adapted the formula to create another paint range that targeted artisans and upcyclers who wanted a safe, durable and easy to use paint that could be used on various surfaces with professional results. She researched and curated a lively colour palette that was rich in history, influenced by the British Standard colours of the 1930s and other sources from Britain's cultural heritage.


Our Mission

At Guild Lane, Jenifer and her team are on a mission to encourage the creative process and inspire the quality and care of handmade items. By ensuring that our products are locally manufactured to the highest standards with the finest ingredients, we are committed to bringing the best materials for makers and supporting the maker movement.