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Old English White

  • £5.99
  • 3-in-1 paint: Self-sealing formula with no waxing or priming on most surfaces
  • Excellent coverage: Highly pigmented for deep colour & superb coverage
  • Multi-surface: Highly versatile for a range of surfaces, projects, and abilities
  • Durable: Waterproof & weatherproof for both indoor and outdoor painting
  • EN71 certified: Nontoxic, vegan and certified safe to use for children's toys
Old English White exemplifies the heyday of the classic British cars of the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. It was a staple colour for Morris, MG, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Jaguar. Old English White is a timeless creamy white with tan undertones.
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Every Colour Has a Story

Jubilee is a lively colour palette rich in history, drawing inspiration from the British Standard colours of the 1930s and other elements of Britain's cultural heritage. Every colour has a fascinating history to celebrate the heritage and spirit of Britain. Bring these stories to your home, with Jubilee.

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No Priming or Waxing

✓ 3-in-1 formula
✓ Self-levelling
✓ Built in sealant

Say goodbye to the hassle of waxing and priming with Jubilee. Unlike chalk paint, Jubilee's 3-in-1 innovative formula eliminates the need for extra steps, on most surfaces. With its self-levelling formula and built-in sealant, Jubilee effortlessly covers imperfections and leaves a silky smooth and hardwearing finish with even coverage.

Excellent Colour & Coverage

✓ Up to 8m² coverage
✓ High pigment loading
✓ Smooth finish

With its generous pigment loading and fade-resistant formula, Jubilee guarantees that every brushstroke delivers rich, vibrant colour that remains vivid long after the initial application. Each size offers excellent coverage with a 60ml jar covering approximately 16 sheets of A4 paper (1m²), a 250ml tin covering around 64 sheets of A4 paper (3-4m²), and a 500ml tin extending coverage to 128 sheets of A4 paper (6-8m²).

Versatile Applications

✓ Multisurface
✓ DIY, upcycling & more
✓ For pros & non-pros

Jubilee Paint caters to a wide range of painting skills and provides remarkable adaptability for a multitude of projects and surfaces. Whether you're an experienced upcycler, crafting with kids, or simply doing home touch-ups, Jubilee is the perfect choice. From revamping furniture to refreshing fences, embellishing trinkets, stencilling cushions, transforming cabinets, or bringing canvases to life, Jubilee fits the bill. Check out our convenient Jubilee guide for additional surface suggestions suited to Jubilee Paint.

Indoor & Outdoor

✓ Weather & waterproof
✓ Scratch resistant
✓ Durable

Jubilee’s paint formula contains a built in resin making it waterproof, weather proof, scratch-resistant and highly durable against bumps and scuffs. It doesn't just withstand the test of time; it thrives in it. Whether you're working on indoor masterpieces or outdoor wonders, rest assured that Jubilee’s durability will be your trusty companion, delivering lasting beauty and resilience for every project.

Safe for Children's Toys

✓ EN71 certified
✓ No odour & non-toxic
✓ Eco-friendly

Manufactured to the industry's highest standards using the finest ingredients, Jubilee Paint is non-toxic, water-based, and holds the EN71 certification, ensuring safety for children's furniture and toys. With the lowest VOC rating in the industry, it minimises harmful emissions, making it suitable for any indoor or outdoor project. Plus, its easy washability simplifies cleanup and ensures longer lasting brushes.

Made in Britain

At Guild Lane, our mission is to encourage the creative process and inspire the quality and care of handmade items. Jubilee is proudly made and manufactured on British soil, where we aim to extend the quality and care of handmade items that has been celebrated in British history for generations. We’ve ensured Jubilee’s formula is made of the highest standard and finest ingredients possible, to support our makers and the maker movement.

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Jubilee FAQs

Jubilee paint is ready to use out of the container. Stirring (not shaking) the paint is necessary for the pigment to be evenly distributed before use. For best results, surfaces should be cleaned well and free of any dust, dirt, grease or oils before applying and we always recommend doing a test patch before completing an entire project. Refer to our full Jubilee guide herefor more information on how to use Jubilee paint.

Jubilee paint is a water-based, flexible formula that can be used on a multitude of surfaces including: wood, glass, plastic, metal, canvas, paper, plaster, pottery, stone and card. It can even be used on fabrics and is machine washable on a cold, gentle cycle. Refer to our full Jubilee guide here for more information on what surfaces you can use Jubilee paint on.

Jubilee is a quick drying formula and is touch dry in less than 2 hours and ready to re-coat in 4 hours. Refer to our full Jubilee guide here for more information on how long it takes for Jubilee paint to dry.

No, Jubilee is formulated with a built in sealer so it is not necessary to wax or seal the paint after drying.

Jubilee does not require a primer on most surfaces. However, if applying Jubilee directly to very glossy substrates such as glazed tiles or ceramics or on top of an oil based product such as a solvent-based paints or varnishes, a primer may be necessary for better adherence and longevity. Refer to our full Jubilee guide here for more information on how to prep your piece before using Jubilee paint.

Jubilee is ladened with high quality pigments for excellent coverage and smooth finish. When applied evenly and depending on the colour used and the surface being painted, a 60ml jar will cover 1-1.5 square metres; a 250ml tin will cover 4-6 square metres; and a 500ml tin will cover 8-10 square metres. Even though our coverage is amazing, two coats are usually better than one for perfect, flawless results. Refer to our full Jubilee guide here for more information on what size of Jubilee paint to buy.

Jubilee paint carries the industry's lowest possible VOC rating meaning it is very safe to use indoors, is odour free and contains no harmful solvents or chemicals. Jubilee is also EN-71 certified meaning it has been tried, tested and approved for painting children's furniture and toys.

Yes, Jubilee paint is waterproof once dry and works well for a multitude of outdoor surfaces including metal, wood, masonry and PVC. Furthermore, our durable formula is UV and weatherproof so colours stay vivid in harsh sunlight, it withstands heavy rain and keeps your project looking fresh and beautiful.

Jubilee paint is designed to be ‘ready for use’ straight out of the pot so thinning should not be required. However, if a thinner consistency is desired, fresh, clean water can be used to thin Jubilee.

No, It is not a traditional matte finish but has a slight sheen on most surfaces due to the built in sealant; however, it is not quite as shiny as a satin finish.