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Natal Rose

  • $8.00
Multi-surface & self-sealing formula for easy painting
Durable & waterproof for indoor and outdoor projects
Highly pigmented for deep colour & superb coverage
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Natal Rose was one of the two colours Queen Elizabeth wore during the Royal family's tour of Southern Africa in 1947. Described as a 'delicate tone of dusky pink', Natal Rose is a soft and elegant shade of pink.
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  • All-purpose hard-wearing acrylic paint
  • New innovative water-based formula for highly versatile applications
  • No priming or waxing required
  • High pigment loading with excellent fade resistance
  • Waterproof for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Adheres to a wide range of surfaces
  • Lowest VOC rating
  • Historically accurate British heritage palette
  • Outstanding coverage. 60ml jar covers ~32x A4 sheets
  • Available in 60ml, 250ml, and 500ml

Our CC-22 formula is a self-levelling, versatile paint which leaves a smooth, soft sheen finish on a multitude of surfaces. It is suitable for metal, glass, paper, wood, plastic, fabric, leather, ceramic, stone and more.

Natal Rose Story

In 1947, the Royal family (King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret) embarked on a three month tour of Southern Africa. The queen consort selected two colours for her outfits: Transvaal Grey and Natal Rose. Named after the South African province of Natal, Natal Rose was described as ‘a delicate tone of dusky pink’.

Colours of Britain

Jubilee is a celebration of British history and culture, expressed in colour. This carefully curated palette has its origins in the pioneering British Standard colours of the 1930s. Celebrate your British spirit with Jubilee!

Our Story

Guild Lane draws inspiration from the medieval guilds formed to uphold the quality standards of their member craftsmen, artisans and merchants. We offer a curated selection of quality materials for today’s crafters, artisans and makers. Nestled in the North Downs of Kent—the ‘Garden of England’—we have been developing products for hobbyists, DIYers, crafters and makers since 1975.


Easy to use, with excellent coverage. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. No priming or sealing required. Touch dry in under one hour. Fully cured in 12–24 hours. Stir well before use. Clean brushes with warm, soapy water. Low odour. Non-hazardous. Non-toxic. Has the lowest possible VOC eco rating.

Safety Sheets



Jubilee paint is amazingly versatile and works on a variety of surfaces. Perfect for wood, metal, fabric, cork, glass, stone and so much more.

Safe to use

Water-based, non-toxic, carries the industry's lowest possible VOC rating, and is EN71 certified meaning it can safely be used on your children's toys or your kitchen table.

No waxing or priming

Self-levelling, self-sealing and fast-drying with excellent coverage and adhesion. No waxes or sealants are necesarry with Jubilee, and priming is not required on most surfaces.


With low odour and easy application, Jubilee can be used in the comfort of your own home. Spruce up your interiors today with Jubilee.


Jubilee is specially formulated to withstand tough outdoor conditions. It's waterproof and ready to take on the famed British weather.


Jubilee has exceptional durability and is highly resistant to chipping, fading, and peeling, even in high-traffic areas.