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Matt Clear Coat

  • £18.99

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  • Easy application: self-levelling properties with excellent coverage
  • High-Performance Protection: Waterproof, weatherproof & scratch-resistant
  • Multi-surface: Highly versatile for a range of surfaces, projects, and abilities
  • Safe to use: Water-based, low odour, non-toxic, vegan formula
  • Coverage: 250ml approx 64 sheets of A4 paper (3-4m²). 500ml approx. 128 sheets of A4 paper (6-8m²).
A low-maintenance, long-lasting protective layer that enhances the beauty and extends the longevity of a multitude of surfaces—indoors and outdoors. From untreated wood to painted metal, delicate textiles to sturdy plastics, our high-performance formula provides a durable, even finish, that is easy to use. Resilient against outdoor elements and daily use, our clear coats offer a beautiful finish that ensures surfaces stay looking pristine for longer.