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Flat Brush Set (3 pcs)

  • £5.99
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  • Synthetic gold hair.
  • Seamless alloy ferrule.
  • Lacquered, natural wood, short handle.
  • Perfect for aquarelle, oil and acrylic work.
  • High shape retention.
  • High elasticity.
  • Perfect for edge painting.
  • Superb liquid holding capacity.
A set that all will appreciate, these quality flat brushes are suited to any number of applications from modelling to art and craft work across a variety of professional and non professional users. Featuring a lacquered wooden handle, each brush employs synthetic brown hair that displays superb shape retention to offer good coverage and accurate edge painting time and time again. Three handy sizes (2, 6 and 10) make this a hugely versatile set that won't be lost on anyone who uses water-based, oil and enamel paints, textile pigments and more.


  • 1x Flat brush, size 2.
  • 1x Flat brush, size 6.
  • 1x Flat brush, size 10.