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Designer duo Avalana Design and Lucia-Kreate delve into their artistic origins and muses, and offer a peek into one of their recent interior makeovers highlighted with GILD Gold.

Can you give some insight to how you both got started in your creative businesses and where you are now?

A: After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in printed textiles in 2010, I ascended in design industries until 2018, when the urge for creative autonomy led me to leave my job and establish Avalana Design. Since then, I've garnered a loyal online and creative community following, known for our distinctive designs transforming interiors into bold statements, spa-like sanctuaries, and standout scenes.

LK: After completing my Masters in media and becoming a new parent, I sought a job that offered flexibility and enjoyment. With a lifelong passion for interiors stemming from childhood experiences, I decided to launch my own decorating business. As my confidence grew, so did my skill set, driven by a love for learning and a desire to push boundaries. My motto: If you believe in yourself, don't let anyone tell you otherwise—go for it!

How did you both meet and start working together?

A: Lucia and I, both based in Manchester, were initially connected by a mutual client. When I had a quirky project at The Hub in 2022, decorating a shipping container, I immediately reached out to Lucia after being introduced to her incredible work to help me with this project and thankfully, she agreed! Our partnership has evolved into a collaborative dynamic where my interior design visions and branded products are brought to life through Lucia's fine decorating mastery, creating a seamless blend of our skills and expertise.

How would you describe your design style or philosophy? And where do you draw inspiration from for your designs and projects?

A: Much of the Avalana aesthetic is rooted in the essence of nature, each design begins as a sketch and is meticulously hand-painted in my home studio. Collections draw inspiration from travel, folklore, and nature, reflecting a blend of romanticism and sophistication. The resulting cinematic designs offer a modern maximalist twist, evoking joy, wonderment, and escapism. The idea of being able to transport the person entering that space is always my goal when it comes to my interiors and my products.

LK: My design inspiration stems from the necessity and practicality of everyday life. I believe that anything can be transformed into beauty through the application of paint, restoration, innovative reassembly, and clever solutions. Despite not growing up with a lot of money, I cultivated a refined taste. My mindset is always focused on maximising value; finding ways to elevate the inexpensive into luxury.

Can you tell us more about this particular project being featured?

A: Solberge Hall, an elegant Georgian Manor constructed in 1824, has operated as a hotel since the 1980s. Recently acquired by a new owner with plans to transform it into a sought-after wedding venue, I was enlisted to revamp the Drawing Room. This room, serving as guests' and prospective couples' first impression, required a significant "wow" factor. Additionally, it needed to fulfil a dual purpose: acting as a "moodboard" room to showcase various wedding styles and accessories for couples to envision their special day, while also serving as a tranquil chill-out space adjoining the main bar area for guests seeking respite from the lively party atmosphere.

LK: Solberge Hall is an absolutely stunning manor house with beautiful original features. Unfortunately in the past, the property has been maintained with a ‘patch-up’ approach, where the focus was on a quick fix rather than beauty. Thank goodness the new owner has a passion for interiors with a distinct vision and it is wonderful to see it transform back to its glory by repairing things the correct way and bringing fabulous designs to the space.

Avalana & Lucia Fireplace
Avalana & Lucia Fireplace 6

Can you give some insight to how you have transformed this space?

A: Opulence and intricate detailing were key, so I chose a serene colour palette to serve as a versatile backdrop. I knew my metallic wallpaper would add the desired wow factor and it seamlessly connected the room with the adjoining, main bar area. I also focused on enhancing the abundant architectural details. I wanted to highlight these beloved features such as the tired fireplace, skirting, cornices, picture rails, window reveals and doorways with Georgian-inspired gilded accents, bridging traditional Georgian elements with contemporary glamour.

LK: We had only two weeks to transform the whole room due to an upcoming wedding reception, so no pressure! To save time and labour, we chose to wallpaper over existing wallpaper and meticulously prepared wood surfaces, removing layers of old paint with extensive sanding. Original features were enhanced with Guild Lane's GILD Gold, a product I admire for its efficiency and one-coat coverage, and durability. We prioritised salvaging and restoring items rather than replacing everything new. Our innovative and can-do attitude has consistently proven to be the right approach for Avalana and me to bring our vision to life.

Avalana & Lucia Fireplace 7
Avalana & Lucia Fireplace 3

How have you used the Guild Lane products in this design? And can you give any further reasons why you like to use Guid Lane (GILD) products in your work?

A: I will leave this part to Lucia who was the one who applied the paint and brought my design and vision to life!

LK: Since discovering Guild Lane’s GILD, I've never looked back. It was serendipitous; while searching for the right shade of gold and unable to use gold leaf due to tight deadlines, I stumbled upon it. Always seeking time-saving solutions, I found GILD Gold to be a game-changer. Its exceptional coverage, opacity, and high sheen, coupled with its smooth flow, make it a favourite. I like the fact that it is water based, so a little dip into the water helps me achieve my own desired flow. I use it mostly for commercial spaces now and love the fact that it doesn’t tarnish.

Avalana & Lucia Fireplace 5

Beside this project, are there any particular types of spaces or projects you enjoy working with the most?

A: I think we can both agree we prefer projects where the clients are open to our ideas and want to be pushed to explore new possibilities and enable us to take their interior to the next level.

LK: I also thrive on commercial projects, relishing the excitement, tight deadlines, and healthy pressure they bring. Problem-solving and uniqueness energise me, and I find fulfilment in delivering the wow factor and bespoke solutions that clients appreciate. My creative soul truly flourishes in these dynamic environments where beauty is cherished.

Do you have any tips for budding interior designers?

A: Always create and design what you love, and your clients will find joy in your work. This is essential for nurturing your creativity. With numerous channels offering opinions, it's easy to lose your way, but I've stayed true to my instincts while also considering my clients' preferences. It's a delicate balance. Don't limit yourself to what you think people want; encourage clients to embrace bold design choices. This is how you discover your muse and unique selling point.

LK: I enjoy collaborating with interior designers, but it's crucial for me to share a similar vision. If the design isn’t my vibe, I prefer not to proceed. That’s why I love working with Avalana—we're perfectly aligned in our approach and vision.

Where can people find your other work/designs?

A: People can contact me through my website or on instagram: @avalana_design

LK: I can be contacted through instagram: @Lucia-Kreate

Any exciting plans for future projects, products, etc?

A: 2024 is already shaping up to be filled with more extravagant interior design projects and bespoke client work which is fantastic - and the reason I started the brand. New collections are also on the horizon for this year and I cannot wait to reveal these in the coming months.

LK: I’m absolutely thrilled about taking on more commercial projects, especially those in the entertainment sector like clubs, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, and hotels. I'm already passionate about my current projects and I can’t wait for even bigger, bolder, and more unique opportunities.

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